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Birth Certificate / Registration

Birth Certificate is the most important identity document as it establishes the date and facts of one’s birth. Birth Certificate is required for availing several benefits offered by Government of India to its citizens.

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What is a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is a crucial document that is given to each individual at the time of their birth. It has significant details about them like their parent’s information, their nationality, and the location and hospital details of their birth. A birth certificate is later used by the individual to apply for other
documents as they grow older

Register for a Birth Certificate

The law requires all births to be registered for a birth certificate. However,
some countries are a little lax about the amount of time that can be taken
from the birth to the registration for a certificate.

Download forms to register for a birth certificate here.

If you are planning on applying for a birth certificate online, this is the one stop shop to execute
the entire process. Begin today and have your birth certificate at the fastest.

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What are the disadvantages
of not having a birth certificate?

Birth certificates are crucial when you have to apply for all documents such as your personal identification, courses in schools and colleges, passports and everything else connected. If you do not have one, your age would always be in question which would make everything else quite a tedious process.

Getting a birth certificate at a later point in time has a strict and tedious process. Trying to begin the process, when already an adult would need additional documents that applicants would not need, had their parents or guardians applied for a birth certificate at the time of birth.

What are the disadvantages of not having a birth certificate?

The process of registering a birth certificate is not difficult and everything needed to get it done are documents that most people should already have. This is usually the case you are registering a person at the time of their birth.

We have broken down the list to make it easier for most people.

  • Download the birth certificate registration form
  • Fill out the form and submit the same (it would be preferred if
    this is done in less than 21 days post the birth)
  • Make sure all the supporting documents, including the parent’s
    identification, are provided and uploaded along with the form
  • There are a lot of requirements if this is delayed or handled at a
    later point in time, including a police verification, so the sooner
    you handle the registration, the easier the process.
  • It takes time for the birth to be processed by the registrar so
    follow up in a couple of weeks post the submission to make sure
    it is done.
  • Since an address proof would be submitted, a copy of the
    certificate would be sent to the home address.

Our platform also helps people apply for a copy of their birth certificate if they cannot find the one they already have or just need a duplicate copy.

Applicants would have to download the forms and submit them to the portal with their details and a few identification documents. The duplicate birth certificate would be sent to them through the Indian postal service if the entire process was followed correctly.

Some dtisturbing facts about the lack of birth certificates

  • In Asia, two-thirds of births are not registered, which is not good since children are always at risk of identity theft, not getting the rest of their documentation, trafficking or overall unsafe work environments.
  • The poorer households are the ones who avoid registering children since a lot of the births are handled in their houses itself.
  • Unregistered children find it difficult to get treatment when sick.
  • Children without registered birth certificates find it difficult to stay in schools and keep regular jobs. They also find it tougher to get legal protection.
  • Another drawback of the lack of birth certificates is being kept out of decision making by the Government. It also makes it tougher to get the rest of their documents, like their election cards, passports, PAN cards and so on.

Register for a Birth Certificate

The details added to your birth certificate are usually accurate, however, in very rare instances,there might be a few issues that have to be rectified. One of the most common errors that need solving is spelling errors with the persons first or middle name. Here is the process to be followed to edit or make corrections to already existing birth certificate. This has nothing to do with changing your name completely.

  • Download and fill out the birth certificate corrections form.
  • Submit the form.
  • Send supporting proof of your identification (make sure it has a photograph).
  • Make sure the supporting document has other information like your date of birth, sex, etc so they can match it to the initial document.
  • Provide other documents where your name has been written correctly.
  • Pay the fee.
  • You will be informed after the change have been made and provided with a new birth certificate.

The process to change your name completely is a little more complex. It needs a court order to file for the correction of the same. However, details of the public document where the change was mentioned would have to be submitted.

What if you are not capable of making changes to your birth

Not everyone is allowed to make changes to a birth certificate. An individual can make changes to their own birth certificate as and when they would want to. Furthermore, parents are allowed to make changes to the birth certificates of their children, if they are minors. They would also be allowed to make these changes in situations where the individual cannot make them themselves. There are instances where siblings were allowed to make changes to birth certificates but there has always been a direct reason and it was usually agreed between all parties involved.

In most cases, where the individual is no longer a minor, the changes would have to be made by them themselves, unless they approve a close family member handling them. Another major part of making a change to birth certificate information would require having an original birth certificate. This is something that can only be obtained by family embers which reduce the chance of someone else handling such changes.

Download forms to register for a birth certificate here.

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