Refund policy

A lot of the work relating to the application process for Birth certificates is not always straightforward and relies on some unknown variables and documentation requirements. This can sometimes be an issue, especially when some of the information needed has not yet been collected, causing a delay or rejection in receiving the Birth certificate. However, being an agency that deals with Birth certificates, we take responsibility for such situations. Other than handling document revision, we also handle filling out forms, constant support and much more. We make sure all applications handed in through us are 100% error free.

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee policy.

  • – If any of our customers are not satisfied with the work we handle, we give them a refund because they come first and their happiness is our priority. We do, however, communicate with our clients to see if we can convince them otherwise. They will hear from us in 48 hours. We have an online form that they can fill out if they wish to get in touch with us, mentioning their reason for wanting a refund, or if they have ideas on improving our process. We need this information since we are constantly working on improving ourselves and would like to fix issues if any.
  • – If there are errors in the application process, or if the received Birth certificate had errors, we work on rectifying them or give our customers a refund. Less than 1% of our customers ask for a refund and we try our best to work with them moving forward, keeping them satisfied with our services.
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