Birth Certificate Arunachal-Pradesh | Arunachal-Pradesh Birth Registration

When it comes to applying for an Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate, the Government has created an online platform called Arunachal eServices that people and applicants can use when they are getting through the process.

The website assists with a series of registrations including applying for the Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate. The registration process is below:

● Register yourself either by clicking “Citizen Registration” under “Citizen Section” or the
“Register yourself” button when logging in.
● Login with your login credential and select a service you wish to apply for.
● Fill-up the online form, upload scanned supporting documents and submit.
● Your request will be available with the concerned section of the service delivery office.
● You will receive a notification about the authorities decision through an SMS.

In Arunachal Pradesh, birth certificates can be applied for through the Statistics Department. Various Statistics Departments are depending on the district that the person is applying from and which part of Arunachal Pradesh they live in that they can use to register the birth in Arunachal Pradesh.

The other processes coordinated through the Arunachal Pradesh eServices website are applications for a character certificate, dependant certificate, income certificate, temporary and permanent residency certificate, caste certificate and many more.
Additionally, the eServices website has other registration processes, including connecting with the Chief Electoral Officer, the Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission and the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission. They even work on identification cards, certificates and other documents as well.

When it comes to applying for an Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate, people have to follow various rules:

● Applicants have to create an account on the municipal council website
● They have to make sure they enter the right information, including a valid username and password.
● If they are a new user, then they have to go through the registration process.
● From all the services mentioned on the website, they have to register for birth
● They would receive all the forms needed for new registration and can download them or
get through them online.
● They have to fill in the details and upload the necessary documents
● Some of the documents needed are Notary, Affidavit, Medical certificate
● After the documents are approved and submitted, the applicants would receive an SMS as a confirmation.
● They would then receive an acknowledgement number to track the status of the
● After generating the certificate, the applicant can choose whether they want to download the certificate through the citizen menu section.
● The applicant can download their Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate by entering the
acknowledgement number whenever they choose to

Ideally, after registering the birth, if all the information that has been out n matches the
requirements, the applicants receive a birth certificate.

Applicants have to make sure they are applying for their birth registration through the right district. They can use the links below for more information about the process. They can also use the same websites if they are planning on downloading any applications and other documents when getting through the registration.

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