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The Assam Government created an online portal allowing people to get an Assam birth certificate registration without too much trouble. Depending on the part of the state that they live in, they can apply for eDistrict services and apply for one of many registration processes that are connected to the State Government. People in Assam can use the website for other services like Health Services, Election Matters, Agricultural requirements and Aadhaar Enrolments.
Additionally, the Government of Assam could handle a couple of varying processes like applying for a Scheduled Caste Certificate, Bakijai Clearance Certificate, Arms License, Legal Heir Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Kerosene Storage, New Learner’s License and a drivers license.

Registration of Birth in India is mandatory after the enactment of Registration of Birth and Deaths Act, 1969. In Assam, the Registration of Births and Deaths Rules, 1978 framed by the Health Department under the various provisions of RBD Act, 1969. These rules are put in place throughout Assam with effect from April 1978.

Every child born in Assam should be registered in 21 days after the process. In most cases, the hospital or medical centre where the child was born assists with the process. The paperwork would have to be provided by the medical centre, and they would sort it out. However, if an individual ended up registering for an Assam birth certificate after 21 days, there is a different process that they have to follow.

● Fill in the application form that can be downloaded from the Government of Assam
website or through the office of the Registrar of Birth and Death.
● Download the application forms of delayed birth certificate, click on the Online Service
option and Download E – Forms for Delayed Birth Certificate application form.
● Get a print out of the application form and enter all the details. The information put in has
to be true.
● Gather all the required and relevant document with the application form.
● Submit the application form along with all required documents.
● After all the backend verifications, the concerned authority will approve your application,
and you will receive your certificate.

Depending on the district that an individual lives in Assam, they have to make sure they are coordinating with the right Registrar or Municipality. They should also submit all the correct forms. For more information or to find the right office to coordinate the Assam birth certificate registration, they can check the links mentioned below:

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