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To assist with Bihar birth registrations, the Government created an eOffice that people could use if they wanted to get through various applications and Government processes. The Bihar eOffice platform was used to assist with the registration of Employers for Migrant Labourers, Public Representatives, various helpline issues, getting in touch with the Election Commission and hospitals.

Applicants had to provide various documents and requirements when getting through the Bihar birth certificate registration process.
If an individual is registering a birth in 21 days of the fact, they have to provide a hospital certificate. If they were not born in a hospital, which is quite common in many parts of Bihar, they needed a document from the ward councillor, Aanganbadi Sevika’s recommendation letter, proof of identification and Address.

If they are registering the birth after 21 days but within 30 days of occurrence, they have to provide a Notary Affidavit, along with a hospital certificate. However, on the off chance that the child was not born in a hospital, they have to provide additional documents including the notarized affidavit, Ward Councilor or Aanganbadi Sevika’s recommendation letter, identity and address proof.

If the birth registration took place after 30 days but within a year of the birth of the child, and in a hospital, they had to provide an order copy issued by BDO or the Sub Divisional Officer, address proof, and an affidavit. However, if the process took place out of the hospital, Order copy issued by BDO/ Sub Divisional Officer, address proof, affidavit.

For the Bihar birth registration that took place more than a year later, the applicants had to provide order copy issued by Block Development Officer or SDO, Affidavit. As for the large number of cases that occurred outside the hospital, they had to provide an order copy issued by Block Development Officer/ SDO, Affidavit.

Additionally, the fees to be paid for the process varied as well depending on the time that the registration was handled.
Depending on where in Bihar an individual was born, people should make sure they are using the right platform or download the application forms and submitting them at the right centre. Depending on the jurisdiction, a record of birth might or might not contain verification of the event by such as a midwife or doctor in Bihar. Additionally, for urban areas, the people of Bihar have to visit their respective Nagar Panchayats as for rural areas, they have to visit their respective Aanganwadi Kendra.

They can always refer to the links below if they are looking for the right place when it comes to registering for a Bihar birth certificate. Additionally, they can even use the same websites if they want information about the process and want to download the right forms.

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