Birth Certificate Chattisgarh | Chattisgarh Birth Registration

Getting a Chattisgarh birth certificate is no longer a tedious process with the Chattisgarh Government creating the eDistrict website where people can handle all their requirements directly. eDistrict Chhattisgarh provides Government services to citizens through Citizen Service Centers(CSC), VLEs, and Lok Sewa Kendras situated at Collectorate, Tehsil, Block, Urban Local bodies for minimizing effort and time to provide prompt and effective services to the public. Thus services from different departments are brought under one umbrella at one place.

Government of Chhattisgarh issues birth certificates online. Users have to go to Choice Centres or Lok Sewa Kendra, for online filling of the applications for Birth Registration. The concerned Birth Registrar will process the application to issue the Birth Registration Certificate in Chattisgarh. Applicants can trace or monitor the progress of their application throughout the process. They would also receive SMSs whenever the process moves along, especially if the application was taken forward or reached the stage of certificate generation. They can always visit their nearest Chattsgarh Choice Centre if they want a hard copy of the Birth Registration Certificate.

Other than getting a Chattisgarh birth certificate, the same eServices website is used for other processes like the employment exchange registration or various other e-District Services, like
● Birth registration and certificate
● Death registration and certificate
● Native or residence certificate
● Caste certificate which includes SC / ST certificate or OBC certificate
● Income Certificate
● Marriage Registration and Certificate

All Chattisgarh birth registrations have to be coordinated in less than 21 days after the birth of the child. However, there are exceptions, and some of them need a lot longer to get through the process.

If an applicant registers a birth in more than 22 days but less than a month, the applicant has to follow Section 13 (1). According to the Section, they have to apply to the Registrar directly along with the necessary supporting documents.

If an applicant takes more than 30 days but gets through the registration within a year, they follow Section 13(2). They have to submit their documents to the Municipal corporation commissioner, Nagar Panchayat or Municipality- District Registrar and District Planning and Statistical Officer. For applicants in a rural area, the Chief Executive Officer Janpad Panchayat. Furthermore, they have to submit a lot of supporting documents and certificates including a self-attested affidavit, certifying with local information provider, submission of application for permission before the mentioned authority, re-submission to the registrar after obtaining the permit. They would then receive the registration of birth and death certificates free of charge.

If an applicant takes more than a year to complete the birth registration, they have to register the child under Section 13 (3) through the Executive magistrate. They have to submit a lot of documents including Form 10. They would then need a self-attested affidavit, certifying with local information provider, they have to apply for permission before the mentioned authority. They have to re-submit to the Registrar after obtaining the permit, and then they receive the registration of birth and death certificates, free of charge.

Depending on the part of Chattisgarh an individual resides, they have to coordinate with the right department if they are looking to get their Chattisgarh birth certificate. They have to fill the correct forms when registering. There are multiple Lok Sewa Kendras, Tehsils or Common service centres across Chattisgarh where people can submit their birth registration documents if they are planning on getting through the process.

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