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The Delhi Government created an eDistrict website that can be used for a lot of the registrations with the Government. Applicants who are looking to apply for a Delhi birth certificate have to create an account on the eDistrict website, and they can use the same one whenever they have to coordinate other services with the Government.

There are multiple forms that applicants would have to go through if they were planning on getting a Delhi birth registration. All the application forms can be downloaded from the eDistrict website. Various departments are also segregated on the eDistrict website including the Labour Department, Department of Revenue, Department of Social Welfare, Woman and Child Development Department, Department of Food Supply, Department of Welfare of SC / ST, Higher Education and many others.

The various people who can register a birth in Delhi are:
● An individual who is a citizen of India or an NRI, born within the territorial jurisdiction of National Capital Territory
● Delhi Individual who does not have any Birth Certificate issued from any Government agency anywhere in India.
● There should be a gap of minimum one year between the date of birth of the individual
and the date of making an application for issuance of birth registration order.

The Tehsil or Collectorate Campus as well as the DC office, provide the people of Delhi with birth certificates when they register for them. Like in most other parts of India, all Delhi births should be registered and the forms connected to the process are available online. Here is a list of the application forms available on the website, depending on the circumstance:
● Birth Reporting Form
● Death Reporting Form
● Still Birth Reporting Form
● Birth Reporting Form for an adopted child
● Hospital Registration Form

When it comes to a Delhi birth registration, the following forms have to be filled out and
submitted to the nearest Municipality or District centre
● Guidelines for Issuance of Birth Registration Order
● Certificate performa Issuance of Birth Registration Order

The same website assists with the registration of other documents as well, including death certificates and marriage certificates. If there are any delays in the registration of a birth in Delhi to more than 21 days, various other documents and payments have to be made. Some of the documents needed for registering a Delhi delayed birth are
● Guidelines for Issuance of Delayed Birth Order
● Certificate performa Issuance of Delayed Birth Order

Applicants have to verify the part of Delhi they are registering from, to make sure there are no errors with the process and that they submit their documents in the right place. If people are looking for more information about the process, they can log on to one of the many links below and gather all the information they are looking for.

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