Birth Certificate Goa | Goa Birth Registration

When it comes to Goa birth certificate, the state being small has two Districts, and the
Government has created separate websites for people to coordinate these processes depending on where they reside. The Goa Online platform allows people to coordinate with various public departments across the state and get through registrations, make payments and so on.

The Goa Government public website assists with a bunch of various other registrations including the registration for a Caste Certificate, Divergence Certificate, Income Certificate, Domicile Certificate and the Residence Certificate.

To register for a Goa Birth certificate, people would have to connect with the Planning and Statistics Department. If they are getting through the process online, applicants have to create n account for themselves on the Goa Online website, and they can use it to coordinate for the various Government registrations.

Applicants can gather and upload their information and details online by logging into their account. They would then have to fill out the application forms uploaded there. They can then attach and upload the supporting documents to the website.

Here are the primary documents and certificates needed for a Goa birth certificate.
● Address proof of Parents (Mandatory)
● Hospital Discharge Certificate / Certificate of Doctor
● Certificate of Pradhan
● Tehsil enquiry
● In case of delayed registration requires an affidavit from Judicial Magistrate / Notary
● The applicant should obtain permission from the District Registrar, i.e. B.D.O (Block Development Officer) of concerned Taluka in case he/she applied after a month, but
within a year.
● The applicant should obtain an order from the Executive Magistrate, and a copy of the said order is necessary to be attached to the prescribed application form in case he/she applied after a year.

All birth registrations should be complete in 21 days, but delays are quite common, and, in such cases, people have to register and submit some additional documentation and depending on how late, a police verification might be a requirement.

In Goa, the birth of a child has to be registered with the proper authorities, ideally done at the Tehsil level. These are later coordinated with the Registrar of Births and Deaths which happens at a District level.

If people are looking for more information on the birth registration process in Goa, they can get it through the same websites since they have everything uploaded there. Additionally, they have to make sure they are using the right forms and coordinating with the right office closest to where the child was born when getting through the process.

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