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Gujarat Birth Certificates can be applied for through all the Gram Panchayat, Taluka Panchayat, and Nagarpalika Offices. It is mandatory to report births and deaths at the Registrar of Births and Deaths under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969, which has to be done at the place of their occurrence. Ideally, the birth certificate registration would have to be handled at the nearest location where the child was born.

When it comes to registering for a birth certificate, the Government created a simple online system called the Digital Gujarat Portal where they allowed people to handle various tasks, including death and birth certificate registration. They could handle the widow certificate, interest certificate and much more. According to the law, the birth has to be registered in 21 days and if there was a delay, they have to provide additional documents and a higher fee since it included a late fee.

The Government has created birth certificate registration websites for most of the country, but they vary slightly from one state to another. People can choose to register the births of their children through the website for a more convenient process. There are several documents applicants have to submit when handling a Gujarat birth certificate registration
● The primary requirement is the correct application form.
● At the time of submitting the application form, they have to attach the following documents:
● Proof of birthplace (where the child was born) from the medical institution
● Parent’s identity proof
● Residence Proof
● Marriage certificate of the parent (optional) but is quite common in most cases.

Other than the website registering the birth of children, it allowed for coordination with the Registrar of Births and Deaths. They can make changes to their certificates if there are typos or spelling mistakes by downloading the right forms and making changes. The Gujarat Government website allows for the upload documents directly, while it reviews the information on the forms and through supporting documents in the backend. The website coordinates with the Registrar of Births and Deaths, with the assistance of the nearest Municipality or Panchayat to meet the applicants requirements.

After coordinating the birth registration through the website or the office to Register, depending on whether they wanted to get through the process online or offline, they are eligible to receive a birth certificate sent to the address on the forms. There are some instances where they have to collect them from the Municipality or Panchayat. To get a Gujarat Birth Certificate, different parts of the state had to coordinate the process through different establishments.
● Rural Area: respective Gram Panchayat e-gram centre
● Urban Area: respective Nagarpalika

The Government needs people to get their birth certificates registered in Gujarat, like other states to collect information like the infant mortality rate, the birth and death rates, health conditions within Gujarat and much more. Without proper statistics the information gathered, would, for the most part, be incorrect.

Here are a few links that a person can use if they are planning on registering their birth.
Depending on the state an individual is from, they can use one of the following links

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