Birth Certificate Jammu and Kashmir | Jammu and Kashmir Birth Registration

According to the Government rules in Jammu and Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir birth certificate can only be issued by Jammu Municipal Corporation for areas within Municipal Limits, Executive Officer of Municipalities and by State House Officer (SHO) concerned in the rural areas. Additionally, the Government also created an official website of the Housing and Urban Development Department, allowing the people to handle the birth certificate process online.

Since they created a public Government website, they also added several other provisions that people can avail of through the same website, including process like
● Jammu & Kashmir – Integrated Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (JK-IGRAMS).
● Documents Required for Ration Card(CA&PD)
● Documents Required for Power Connection
● Application form for Broadband Services
● Documents Required for PRC
According to the rules relating to the Jammu and Kashmir birth certificate registration, a child should be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right from birth to a name, the right to acquire a nationality, and as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by their parents.

The birth certificate is one of the most important documents that a parent and child should have. It documents the birth of the child, usually including information like birth name, date and time that the child was born, sex of the child, place or location of birth and name of parents. People can use the website if they want to download birth registration application forms and handle the process offline at the office.

All births in J&K should be registered within 29 days after the child is born (which is the usual process followed in Jammu and Kashmir). In most other states, the duration is 21 days.
Documents Required
● Application of Birth form duly signed by the applicant
● Hospital Record including the Ward Receipt

If there was a delay in the registration, and the birth is registered after 30 days of the birth, but up to a year
Documents Required
● Filling of the birth form duly signed by the applicant.
● Affidavit
● If belonging to area falling outside municipal limits, has to produce hospital record of birth within municipal limits

If an applicant has to get through the Jammu and Kashmir birth certificate after a year, they have to apply for the Birth Certificate by Court Order, especially after a year of the birth, occurred within municipal limits.
Documents Required
● Filling of birth forms duly signed by the applicant.
● Court order for registration of birth.
● No Entry Certificate (NEC) for obtaining court orders for registration of births or death in municipal records that occurred within municipal limits one year before the date of the application.
○ A No Entry Certificate would also need:
○ Application with attested copy of proof of DOB/Death Certificate from hospital
falling within the municipal limits.
○ Affidavit if there is no proof of birth /death is available

Various bodies coordinate the birth registration in Jammu and Kashmir, but they all have to coordinate with the Registrar of Births and Deaths. People going through the process have to make sure they are communicating with the right offices and the right departments when they are submitting their forms.

If they want additional information about the process, they can log on to the links below and gather all the information they are looking for. They can even choose to download the applications and submit them in person or through the website.

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