Birth Certificate Kerala | Kerala Birth Registration

Applicants have to register a Kerala birth certificate through the same office that handles the registration of births, deaths, and marriages within the state. They have a local self Government Department that provides services available in their respective Gram Panchayat Offices or Municipalities in the district. The Kerala Government also has a Civil Registration Portal of their local self-government, to avail online services, including the registration of births, deaths, and marriages, among multiple other processes. People have to go through various Local Body Panchayaths or Municipalities and CSCs depending on where they live to get through the process with ease.

The website provides details of all births, deaths and marriages electronically registered in Local Governments (Registration units) where the SEVANA application software of the Information Kerala Mission works toward uninterruptedly registering events.

In case of all the Kerala Birth Certificate information, including the details of deaths and marriages registered and recorded in writing, they will not be available on the website unless they are digitised and ported in the electronic register after verification of the officials. They can use the same website to make any corrections in the entries of the electronic register, and applicants have to contact the Registrar of the respective Registration unit (Local Government).

Depending on the location of the person going through the process, they have to go through different websites, if they want to register the birth of children. The process will further be coordinated between Municipalities or Panchayats, depending on whether the individual comes from urban or rural Kerala. All the information relating to the Kerala birth certificate registration is coordinated by the Registrar of Births and Deaths within the State.

Other than providing the Kerala Birth certificate, the eDistrict website of the Government assists with other registration processes like
● Society Registration
● Imbounding documents
● Adjudication
● Undervaluation
● Gehan Printing Sanction
● Chitty Sanction (Final order)
Additionally, the website assists with the other application forms, like making changes to the birth certificate details in case of mistakes, or applying for another copy of the birth certificate. After completing a birth registration in Kerala, and going through information processing, applicants receive the birth certificate as proof of the registration of the birth.

The Kerala Sevana Civil Registration System is one of the best systems when it comes to downloading the right application forms to get through the process. Other than birth registration in Kerala, it has information about application processes like marriage certificates, death certificates, Government interest and so on.

In Kerala, if applicants do not want to use the website to register the birth, they can handle it at the respective Municipality or Panchayat. However, they should make sure they used the right office. If they are using the website, they have to find the right one, connected to the closest to where they stay.

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