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To assist people with the getting through the registration of a Manipur Birth Certificate, the Government created an eDistrict Manipur website. A majority of the processes relating to public documentation were on the website along with those concerning RTI, social welfare, election and education. The Government was encouraging people to register births in Manipur through the website on the off chance that the medical practitioner at the hospital did not assist with the registration process.

Depending on where the child was born, different people can assist with the registration. The details are:
● When a child is born in a house, the head of the house, the nearest relative of the head of the house, or the oldest person in the family can work on registering the birth.
● When the birth takes place outside the house
● When birth took place in a Sadar Hospital / Sub-Divisional Hospital / Medical College Hospital / Referral Hospital – Deputy Superintendent of the hospitals and officers In-charge of referral hospital and PHCs.
● In Maternity Home and other like Institution: Medical officer In-charge
● In a Jail: Jail In-charge
● In a Dharmshala, boarding house or similar areas, the person-in-charge
● In a Moving Vehicle, the person-in-charge of the vehicle
● If they find the child deserted in a public place, the head of the Village / in-charge of the local police station.

Additionally, there are multiple eservice websites for Manipur, and each of them is relevant depending on the location where applicants have to get through the registration. Additionally, online registrations are handled through the RD Department, which is the online application birth Certificate-Thoubal.

Additionally, they can use the same platform to get a wide variety of forms coordinating with the Registrar of Births and Deaths. They can also get forms working on other processes. The following information is needed when getting a Manipur birth certificate:
● Birthdate
● Gender identity
● Name of the child
● Name of the parents
● A few other details as per the form requirements which include medical certificate and proof of identity of the parents

However, if the form is filled at the office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths, the Manipur Municipality or Panchayat allow a delay in providing the name of the child, for a year.

If you are living in Manipur, go through the websites below to find one that matches your requirements when getting a Manipur birth certificate.

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