Birth Certificate Nagaland | Nagaland Birth Registration

Applying for a Nagaland birth certificate is now simple since the State Government created a provision for online registrations. They created an eDistrict in Nagaland that handles multiple solutions such as Scheduled Tribe Certificate, Backward Tribe Certificate, Birth Certificate and Duplicate Mark Sheets for X and XII students.

The previous approach was challenging, with people travelling from different parts of the State, depending on where their children were born to the respective centers to register their birth. With the birth certificate website, applicants can download the forms that they need to assist them get through the process and submit them at the center. In Nagaland, the registration of Births and Deaths is done through the Registrar of Births and Deaths, who coordinates the process through the Municipalities and Panchayats depending on where they were born.

In most cases, the hospital staff assisting with the birth help register the birth of the child as well. After the information has been provided, the same platform would provide them with the birth certificate which would ideally be proof of the registration. Getting through the Nagaland birth certificate registration offline can be quite challenging since there are a large number of rules and medical information that would ideally be provided by the hospital. They might not be able to handle the registration alone.

Children not born in hospitals, which was quite common in rural India, also have to handle the process themselves. Some of the information needed for a Nagaland Birth Certificate registration is
● Complete Address
● Parents Address at the time
● Permanent Address
● Age of Mother at the time of marriage and giving birth
● Method of Delivery etc.

There were multiple websites to assist with the process, and depending on the place where an individual stayed, they could use a specific one. Other than assisting with the registration of the birth of a child, the website provides information, otherwise not easy to collect. There are multiple processes to coordinate between the Registrar of births and deaths, including applying to fix errors on the certificate, getting a duplicate birth certificate, after registering the birth and many more. The website also provides information about a process and allows people to download forms, depending on their requirements.

They can go to the Municipality and submit the documents directly. Depending on the
circumstance, they might need a certificate from the hospital mentioning details of the birth, including the date and time. If the child wasn’t born in a hospital, they would have to get them checked at a hospital before providing the information necessary to coordinate the rest of the process.

If you are looking for more assistance when registering a birth or applying for a birth certificate, you can use one of the various websites available in Nagaland to assist with the process.

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