Birth Certificate Odisha | Odisha Birth Registration

Today most of the people in the country prefer using the online platform when they are
registering for a birth certificate. The Odisha birth certificate registration process is online, and people from different parts of the state can choose to register their birth through various websites depending on where they live. Getting an Odisha birth certificate registration can be done through Bhadrak, Basudevpur, Chandabali and Dhamnagar.

In an effort to create simpler processes, the Odisha Government created websites allowing people to go through a lot of their processes digitally. The same website that could be used for a birth certificate registration in Odisha was used as an e-Municipality with death registrations and information about housing and urban development and all other processes relating to the Municipality.

To work toward increasing the number of people registering for a birth certificate, the Government created the online system. Even if the website was not used for the birth registration in Odisha, people could get information about the process and handle it through the Municipality or Panchayat closest to them. It allowed for downloading all various application forms for various Government processes.
● The process of getting a Odisha birth certificate begins with the logging onto the website. The website creates an account for all the people who log in and they have to use the account for further communication and coordination on the process. They have to provide a valid email address and mobile number when creating the account, while registering with the site. The email address and phone details will be used for providing the status of the certificate.
● They have to provide a valid Registration no. of the child. If they do not have one, they
can contact the Health Office. They might have to take the child in for a check before
getting one.
● The person going through the application has to be the parent or guardian of the child whose certificate they are looking to collect.
● They have to provide identity proof.
● They then have to use a debit or credit card to make the necessary payment for the fees of the certificate.

One of the challenges with the process was that the registration requirement meant coordinating with the hospital where the child was born. The hospital had to provide a letter stating the details of the birth and the process as well, which was challenging for rural India where all children were not born in hospitals.

Any applicant who is a citizen or NRI born in Odisha is eligible for availing the birth certificate in the state. A birth certificate is issued to the parents in favour of a child after they register their birth at the concerned authority’s office. According to the Government, parents have to register the birth of their child in 21 days after the incident. They can delay the registration up to a year later but they have to provide additional documentation for a birth certificate in Odisha and in some cases a police verification to make sure the information mentioned is accurate. For the people who want to apply for their Odisha birth certificate in person, finding the right office is critical, and the details are below:
● In Urban areas, people have to coordinate with their Municipal Corporations /
Municipalities / NACs / Other concerned local authorities in the state.
● In Rural areas, they have their UGPHC (Upgraded Primary Health Centre) / CHC
(Community Health Centre) / PHC (Primary Health Centre) in the state.

Depending on where an individual stays, they can use one of the websites to get through the registration process since there are multiple websites for different parts of the state. Applicants can use the following links for more information about the process or if they are looking to apply for an Odisha birth certificate online.

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