Birth Certificate Punjab | Punjab Birth Registration

The Punjab Government uses the eDistrict Sewa Portal when they want to coordinate various processes between the people and the Government. One of the primary purposes that the website serves is the Punjab birth certificate registration. Additionally, the website is also a necessity when it comes to coordinating various tasks surrounding registering for Punjab birth certificates including making corrections to birth certificates, applying for a duplicate certificate, and later birth registrations in Punjab.

Across Punjab, the e-District project by the Government envisages the integrated and seamless delivery of services for citizens by the district administration through the automation of workflows, backend computerization programs, data digitization across participating departments in a digital mode.

The births and deaths in the city should be registered with the office of the Municipal Corporation in 21 days, and form number two and four are provided, for the purpose, the free of cost. The registration process of the Punjab birth certificate takes about a week. In most cases, people can get through the forms through the computers at the office, and there are people at the office who would be able to assist them with the process if needed.

Currently, only the birth certificates are computerised while the rest are handwritten, but they are working on creating a new system where they would make that change. After all the information has been provided and registered at the office, applicants can coordinate and download their respective birth certificates.

What the process of applying for a Punjab birth certificate?

To apply for a Punjab birth certificate, go to the eDistrict website and find the right forms depending on which part of the state you live.
Navigate to “Online Services” and select the certificate under the relevant department.
They will get redirected to Citizen Login of e-forms
After creating an account on the website, applicants can go through the process of filling out the necessary forms or downloading them and filling them offline.
They can be uploaded on the Punjab Service Portal.
The website processes the information at the backend and after accepting the details and making sure they match the forms and documents, they would inform the applicant who can then download the birth certificate.

In Punjab, birth certificates are coordinated between the Municipal corporation or the Deputy commissioner’s office depending on where the person lives. If applicants are looking for more information about the birth certificate process, they can go through the links below.

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