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The process for applying for a birth certificate is the same across the country, but there are a few small changes from one state to another. Getting a Sikkim Birth Certificate is a little different since people have to get through the registration website based on the District that they are living in. The Government has a different website for the North Sikkim, South Sikkim, East Sikkim and West Sikkim that they can use when they are registering for a birth certificate in Sikkim. Additionally, they can also use the website if they are planning on working on other public documentation processes or connecting with various Government schemes.

Additionally, the birth certificate process was coordinated through the Registrar of Births and Deaths through the Municipality or Panchayat depending on where the applicant lives, with Panchayats coordinating the process in villages and more rural areas and Municipalities in cities and more urban areas.

What is the difference between registering a birth and receiving a birth certificate?

After the birth of the child, the law provides the parents about 21 days to register the birth. They have to provide information about the birth of the child to the local authorities, which they would gather as a certificate from the hospitals. The registration process is handled by hospitals, for the most part but there are exceptions.

Here are the steps when it comes to getting a Sikkim Birth Certificate

Submit a birth certificate registration application in the format to Single Window
Here are the documents submitted along with the birth registration forms

● Proof of Nationally (Attested copy of COI//SSC/ICC/Voters ID card of applicant or father.)
● Proof of Date of Birth and relationship (Attested copy of Immunisation Card/Hospital
Discharge Slip)
● Panchayat or Councillor Recommendation.
● Bank Receipt.
● Police verification (when needed)
● Obtain the Verification Report from LDC, after signing the Receipt Register.

A birth certificate registration has to be registered closest to when the child was born since hospitals might not have information about birth at a later point in time. Additionally, they might have to provide a police verification and late fees if it is delayed.
After providing all the documents, the Sikkim birth registration process would be complete, with the details processed at the backend. The applicant would receive a birth certificate which is proof of the birth registration several days later. With the country using websites to take the birth certificate registration process online, even though most of them were coordinating it state-wise, there was a significant increase in the number of people registering for a birth certificate.

For more information about the process, applicants can click the links mentioned below:

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